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Luxury ‘doesn’t equal complacency’
July 2014 3802

DUBAI is content with the reservations that are coming through, we’re here to shake things up and let them know they can do better,” smiles Rahul Arora, managing director, Luxury Hotels Group.

“My experience of Dubai is that hoteliers are content with achieving their targets and not keen to go that extra mile to beat their targets,” he adds.

The Luxury Hotels Group currently represents more than 140 properties across three collections – Luxury Hotels Collection, Luxury Boutique Collection and Luxury Residences Collection – and offers reservations, sales, marketing and PR, revenue management and IT solutions for independent hotels. Through its global reach and market presence, it enables hotels to reach a global audience in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

“Luxury is aspirational, everyone wants to be associated with that concept,” says the young MD. Hotels that don’t quite fit into the same luxury bracket as the Montcalm and the Mayfair in London need not fret, there’s room for smart and contemporary hotels in Luxury Hotels Group’s newest hotel solutions offering, ‘Ideal’.

At the moment we are working with more than 140 luxury properties scattered all over the world, he says. “We have an impressive portfolio in London with the Montcalm among others, in Dubai we are working with Raffles to a great extent as well.”

“What we’ve identified here and what we feel is that there’s a distinct niche in the market here for us. There are a lot of hoteliers who are not entirely comfortable with the services that are out here. We pride ourselves in being a bespoke, a la carte, luxury solutions provider for hotels. We offer a range of services to hotels with the primary focus being on increasing the revenues and lowering the cost of acquisition.”

By Rashi Sen


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