The Bicester Collection woos Middle East shoppers

The Bicester Collection, with 11 award-winning luxury shopping destinations in Europe and China, is rolling out the red carpet for the Middle East this summer on the back of promising Q1 2022 sales from the region.

As travel restrictions into Europe ease up, The Bicester Collection has announced several personalised perks for Middle Eastern shoppers. Among them are: halal food options at every single outlet, Arabic-speaking personal shoppers on hand and invite-only access to its on-site VIP Apartments.

Home to more than 1,300 boutiques of leading fashion and lifestyle brands offering attractive savings throughout the year, The Bicester Collection offers spacious, open-air and landscaped pedestrianised streets lined with the top luxury brands.


In March 2022, the Mena region represented 9.3 per cent of total tracked sales at The Bicester Collection, with a particularly strong performance by
La Vallée Village



Each village is home to a selection of restaurants and cafés, beautifully designed spaces to eat and drink, offering local and international cuisine. Offering access to artistic talent – both emerging and established – is also part of The Bicester Collection’s commitment to providing unique experiences to its guests. 

Be it Bicester Village in London, La Vallée Village in Paris, Ingolstadt Village in Munich, Fidenza Village in Milan, La Roca Village in Barcelona, Las Rozas Village in Madrid, Kildare Village in Dublin; Maasmechelen Village in Brussels or Wertheim Village in Frankfurt – every village in the collection offers a unique, memorable experience.



In March 2022, Middle East and North Africa (Mena) consistently featured in the top ten list of shoppers for most of the European villages in The Bicester Collection. For instance, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all featured on the UK flagship Bicester Village’s top ten list. For La Vallée Village, Saudi Arabian shoppers were number two on the list, followed by Morocco on number five, Kuwait on number six and Egypt on number ten on the list.

Similarly, the top ten lists of Ingolstadt Village featured the UAE and Saudi Arabia, La Roca had shoppers from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and the UAE on their top ten list; while Las Rozas Village featured Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

In March 2022, the Mena region represented 9.3 per cent of total tracked sales at The Bicester Collection, with a particularly strong performance by La Vallée Village, which registered 15.7 per cent of sales attributed to Mena buyers. This was followed by Bicester Village, which showed 12.1 per cent of sales from the region and La Roca Village at 10.5 per cent.



With an anticipated surge of Middle Eastern travellers into Europe this summer, The Bicester Collection has expanded and elevated its hospitality offerings and services across all its European villages.

Key partnerships have been signed with Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest, Qatar Airways Privilege across all villages and with AMEX Saudi Arabia for Middle Eastern shoppers at Bicester Village, La Vallee Village, Fidenza Village and Ingolstadt Village.

Halal options have been available at every single restaurant across all villages in The Bicester Collection. Arabic signage will now be visible across the villages for ease of navigation; prayer rooms provided in every village; and Arabic speaking staff will be available on hand, including Arabic-speaking personal shoppers. Premium hospitality services will also be on offer such as the collection’s invite-only access to VIP Apartments; hands-free shopping; and valet parking.

* Find The Bicester Collection at stand EU1320, La Roca Village Las Rozas Village at stand EU1550 and Fidenza Village at stand EU1530