Sports, wellness cruise to launch in Mideast

Blue World Voyages, the first cruise line in the world dedicated to sports and wellness, is set to launch in the Middle East in 2023, enabling one to travel the world in their own spectacular ocean-going residence on a luxury vessel. The cruise offers 225 spacious passenger suites and 40 Owners Residences, which are being put up for purchase.

“Wellness is not an afterthought to us, it’s in our DNA,” said Gene Meehan, Blue World Co-founder and chairman. “It is embedded in the design of the ship, the onboard programs, dining options, shore-side programs, even the itineraries. We offer the opportunity for everyone onboard to shape their life and take control of their overall wellbeing, creating healthy habits and supporting longevity.”

The founder and chairman tells TTN, “There is nothing like this in the cruise market today. Yes, ships have spas and fitness centres but they seldom include serious programming, and are just one among many other offerings to so many different types of passengers. It’s very much like going to a spa at a hotel versus a destination spa resort.

“On Blue World, all of our guests are like-minded, our ship is about ‘lifestyle’. Whether you own a residence and live aboard the ship, or if you are just joining us for the week, your plan is to continue your focus on living well, while at the same time traveling the world and having fun. Plus, you are surrounded by other guests who feel the same.”

On the sports deck, you’ll find the largest athletic and fitness conditioning facility at sea, a fully equipped functional training gym, several private studios for spinning, yoga & meditation, TRX training, plus a full assortment of cardio equipment, swimmers treadmill, golf training facility including multi-sport simulators, bike fitting station and comprehensive physical therapy lab.

Add to that a first-in-the-industry sea water lap pool and marina deck, plus an impressive array of professional-style water sports equipment.

Blue World also features two entire decks dedicated to spa amenities and boasts the largest (space-per-passenger) Spa Deck at sea. And a ship-wide fully integrated wellness program like no other – including medical wellness and physical therapy facilities.

Additional features include an ocean view solarium, aft therapy pool, indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, Himalayan salt room and aromatherapy.



In addition to what you’ll find on the ship, the design of the Blue World vessel itself is unique in that it has been downsized from a 1,500 passenger capacity to carry just 500. That enables Blue World - unlike the mega ships - to create uncrowded shipboard venues and provide a low-density travel experience, creating a yacht-inspired design that features generous spaces and graciously appointed common areas. All for the purpose of building the ‘healthiest ships at sea.’

Blue World’s focus on wellness extends to cuisine, with healthy and delicious dining options provided by four specialty restaurants onboard: Farm-to-Table, Italian, Asian/Fusion, and Cafe-style.

Luxury residences at sea

Most important, you have the option of sailing on this extraordinary ship or making it your ocean-going home. In addition to the 225 spacious passenger suites, 40 Owners Residences are being offered for private purchase.

“As Blue World CEO Fredy Dellis explains, “there was a gap in the marketplace for what I call Active Lifestyle Cruising. More and more travellers prioritize wellness, and today’s sophisticated travellers want more than just a vacation, they want to own a home at sea as well as on land.



Although exact itineraries are yet to be finalised, the ship is expected to spend six months of the year exploring exciting and culturally rich destinations in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The second half of the year will be spent visiting ports in Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and other regions.

Project launch date is mid-2023. “While planning our sailing season in the Middle East, we will be looking at all of the major sports events like regional marathons and triathlons, golf and tennis tournaments, cricket, Formula One Racing, and others. We will also offer special ‘theme sailings’ including a “Women’s Fitness and Sports Week”, and weeks where we focus on individual sports like soccer, cycling, or golf, plus special sailings dedicated to wellness-based educational programmes.

“The pandemic has made it very clear to people that staying fit helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. Wellness travel, prior to the pandemic was one of the fastest growth segments in the entire travel industry. It’s now going to be one of the first segments to return – and stronger than ever!”