Palatial grandeur

Habtoor Palace Dubai, Hilton’s most premium address in the city, is an ideal retreat for the luxury traveller

Today's travellers are looking for a balance of technological and human innovations, deeper connections, embedded wellness experiences and better level of care than ever before, according to Hilton’s recently released 2023 trends report.

We speak to Christophe Mousset, the General Manager of Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotels & Resorts and a part of Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection, an integrated urban lifestyle luxury destination located in the centre of all the very best of Dubai.



“Every market is a key market for us to succeed and with the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar, we are blessed to see Dubai as the satellite city for hotel accommodations.

“I have to say, Dubai is buzzing! We have demand for the luxury sector from Europe, Latin American and African markets and not to forget the wedding season currently, hence the luxurious Indian weddings that take place at Habtoor Palace Dubai.

“We have had some top delegations from Brazil, Korea and United States of America. We were able to hold majlis receptions from Diwan Amiri guests from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.”



Mousset has been in the hospitality industry for over two decades working all around the globe in Europe, West Africa, Central America, Asia and now the Middle East.

“In my role, I provide vision, leadership and strategy that inspires our team members to deliver exceptional guest service thus resulting directly into financial success. My philosophy to my team is to engage all stakeholders in setting ambitious goals, manage with empathy and accountability. Position each team member to be successful and create a positive encouraging environment.

“As such, guest and employee satisfaction are of utmost importance to me. We have witnessed wonderful achievements this year on Trip Advisor, where at the start of 2022 Habtoor Palace Dubai was listed at #23 and within 11 months on the Top 5. Now moving forward and looking beyond, also raised from 8.6 to 8.7.

“My vision is of a better future, one that attracts commitment, energizes people, and inspires them to achieve excellence. One of the more foremost responsibilities of a successful leader is to develop a vision of a better future for their team.

“My last goal is to help my leaders and team to develop goals for themselves,” says Mousset.



“Being at Habtoor Palace Dubai, feels like I never left my childhood home in France, with dreamy décor French style symmetric marble gilded staircases, Versailles manicured gardens and an open atrium which reminisces of a Maison de Maître, in true French neo-classical style, making it the perfect location for luxurious weddings and corporate events.

“Even our owners are very well-travelled businessmen, enamoured with French culture and art de vivre.

“What does Cannes evoke in me? Cannes and its world-famous cinema festival, the excitement with celebrities and dignitaries was the same experience that was there at Habtoor Palace Dubai during Expo 2020 this year, since we had the chance to host many delegates from around the globe. Our Palace certainly is a rendezvous location for those in-the-know in Dubai looking to see and be seen, while enjoying a very well-earned sense of personal residential comfort.

“To add to this, Habtoor Palace Dubai offers guests a chauffeured Bentley transport to Waldorf Astoria, The Palm’s private beach to feel like you are on the French Riviera with butlers to personalise each need.

“Truly a home away from home,” concludes Mousset.