On the wild side

Popular travel writer and Founder of Wild Frontiers Jonny Bealby highly recommends immersive adventure itineraries,
at the crossroads of adrenaline, sustainability and stunning landscapes

Explore Namibia on a self-drive immersive adventure

Award-winning adventure tour operator Wild Frontiers, long known for its intrepid travels in far-flung destinations, has revealed a brand new collection, ‘Adventures with Purpose’ to celebrate the real changemakers in the destinations it visits.

Writer Jonny Bealby, Founder of Wild Frontiers, tells us that responsible and immersive travel have always been central to Wild Frontiers’ ethos. However, this new collection brings together many of their favourite community-led experiences to showcase those people and projects that are taking positive strides to support and develop local livelihoods and conservation efforts through tourism.

Bealby has travelled to over 100 countries and is widely renowned in the industry. One of the sustainable itineraries that he has launched recently includes the 15-day Adventures with Purpose itinerary across Namibia.

“Covering some 200 million acres of abundant floodplains, woodland savannah, dramatic desert landscapes and haunting coastal scenery, Namibia is a conservation treasure-house and an environmental success story. The first African country to incorporate the protection of the environment into its constitution, its far-reaching initiatives are seeing incredible results. The creation of communal conservancies, ground-breaking research projects and anti-poaching directives have resulted in increases to lion, rhino, cheetah and zebra populations across the world’s richest dry land.”

This extraordinary self-drive adventure takes guests deep into the heart of one of Africa’s most visually striking and abundant landscapes, affording an opportunity to not only witness first-hand these remarkable conservation projects, but to actually play their part in ensuring ongoing success. Staying at some of the country’s most successful and remote private concessions, guests will have opportunities to enjoy some truly unforgettable wildlife encounters, in search of the black and white rhino, rare desert elephants and bottlenose dolphins.

The Adventures with Purpose: Namibia costs £5,795 ($7,170) including all meals, transport, entrance fees, accommodation and an expert team. Flights excluded.



Wild Frontiers specialises in original small group tours and tailor-made holidays worldwide. With extensive experience in creating authentic and extraordinary travel experiences in some of the world’s most captivating destinations, here are some of the most recent group tours they have added to their offering:

Turkey: Across the Anatolian Plateau to Istanbul:  The mountains, high plateaus and steppe lands of Central Turkey have witnessed countless invaders and conquerors from the Hittites and the Byzantines to the Seljuks and Ottomans; all of them leaving their distinctive marks on the land and amongst the people.

On this journey guests discover much of this impressive and diverse legacy travelling from the Black Sea coastal city of Trabzon over the mountains towards the rarely visited but stunning UNESCO Great Mosque in Divriği taking in the iconic sight of the 4th century cliff-hanging Sumela Monastery en route. Admire some of the world’s finest Seljuk architecture before continuing on to the magical landscapes of Cappadocia.

Israel & Palestine: Ancient Lands, Modern Challenges: Israel’s diminutive size belies a historical, religious, strategic and political significance which few other countries even come close to matching. Often referred to as ‘The Holy Land’ it has been attracting pilgrims and tourists for centuries and on this diverse 11-day tour, guests delve deeper into the psyche of this fascinating and controversial country.

Starting in Tel Aviv, the tour takes up along the Mediterranean coast to Akko, with its vast crusader halls and hidden tunnels, before heading east to the Golan Heights. 




Travel writer and Founder of Wild Frontiers Jonny Bealby suggests some tour specifically within the Middle East region as well. He tells us: “The Jordan: Lost City Of Arabia adventure is for anyone who wants to combine the bucket list site of Petra, one of the wonders of the world, with the desert scenery of Wadi Rum. If you love culture and history and haven’t visited the Middle East before, Jordan is a great place to start.”

The Oman Desert Adventure: Wahiba Sands & Empty Quarter also makes his list of highly recommended itineraries in the region. “Oman is a tranquil country blessed with natural beauty in its rugged coastline, mountains, fjord-like enclaves and hidden oases. Once a key point on the spice route, it’s also home to ancient ports, lively souks and medieval forts.”

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s newest tourist destinations. Closed to leisure travellers for decades, the country opened its doors in 2020, and then Covid hit, meaning only a few travellers have been lucky enough to visit this enigmatic country. Wild Frontiers’ Inside The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia adventure includes the rock-carved city of Hegra, built by the Nabateans and similar to Petra but without the crowds, the narrow streets, souks and bazaars of Jeddah, the world’s largest camel fair and spectacular rock formations in AlUla.