China Visitors Summit facilitates key partnerships

The inaugural event of China Visitors Summit, held in Doha as well as Dubai

The China Visitors Summit Middle East has successfully concluded, facilitating several partnerships and interactions.

CVS: China Visitors Summit ended on September 1, and brought together a record-breaking assembly of 121 Chinese travel agents and tour operators with over 151 global travel suppliers from 17 different countries.

The summit facilitated 13,000 face-to-face meetings, dialogues and partnerships throughout its sessions held in both Doha, Qatar and Dubai.

Alexander Glos, CEO of the China i2i Group and producer of the CVS: “This summit has transcended expectations, serving as a testament to the resilient spirit of the global travel industry and its unwavering commitment to growth. The interactions and dialogues that took place during the CVS: China Visitors Summit underscore the essential role that collaboration plays in propelling the industry forward.”

Since its inception in 2008, the CVS: China Visitors Summit has steadfastly acted as a bridge, connecting global Chinese travel buyers – encompassing travel agents, tour operators, mice managers, corporate travel planners, OTA’s, and specialty agencies focusing on luxury, adventure, sports, and more – with a diverse array of global travel suppliers.