Shurooq expands resorts based on high demand


Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has completed expansion works, including total 35 new tents, in two of its flagship projects under the Sharjah Collection: The Kingfisher Retreat and Al Badayer Retreat. These expansions are geared towards amplifying capacity and delivering unparalleled tourist experiences.

“We meticulously monitor all our destinations to understand market needs and expectations, enabling us to continuously enhance our projects to the highest quality and sustainability standards. With a noticeable surge in demand for coastal and desert ecotourism experiences, catering to visitors of all ages seeking luxurious and comfortable stays while immersing in the culture and nature of the UAE,” Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, CEO of Shurooq, said.

He further added:   “Based on our analysis and visitor interests, we have expanded Al Badayer Retreat and Kingfisher Retreat, two of our most prominent luxury tourism projects, to accommodate more visitors and meet their evolving needs, providing an experience that seamlessly intertwines authenticity, heritage, modernity and sustainability. These expansions, coupled with ongoing enhancements to our other projects, reiterate Sharjah’s allure as an investment and tourist destination within the UAE and internationally, cementing its position as a leading destination in the region and beyond.

“We prioritise ecotourism as a cornerstone of our strategy to develop the tourism sector in Sharjah and enhance its reputation as a globally diverse and unique destination.”



The Kingfisher Retreat has been a popular family resort nestled amidst mangroves on an island off the east coast of Sharjah. The recently completed expansion sees the addition of 20 tents, bringing the total count to 40. The expansion includes 6 one-bedroom tents, 8 two-bedroom tents, 5 three-bedroom tents, and one four-bedroom tent, catering to discerning guests seeking luxury and sustainability in their stay.

The new expansion features spacious areas tailored to meet guest needs, along with additional facilities such as a state-of-the-art health club and gym staffed with professional trainers, as well as dedicated spaces for children’s entertainment.

The island has a working conservation centre, and is home to rare birds, gazelles, turtles and crabs. Several nature-inspired adventures can be crafted as per the desires of guests. From picturesque boat rides and kayaking to practising archery or going on nature walks to learn about the diverse local plant and wild species, the retreat is a haven of exploration. For those seeking pure relaxation, a dip in the property’s pool, bicycle rides and unwinding by the bonfire under the starlight sky are great options. Children can enjoy the excitement of the Great Kingfisher Treasure Hunt, and everyone has the opportunity to learn about the ecosystem at the Mangrove Center, where they can observe mangroves, birds, and marine life.



Renowned for its unique red dunes and awe-inspiring views, Al Badayer Retreat invites visitors on a journey into the traditional Emirati lifestyle. Set against the backdrop of the Al Badayer desert in Sharjah’s central region, it caters to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, offering an environment steeped in authentic local heritage.

With the addition of 15 new tents, the retreat now boasts a total of 25 luxury tents and 21 rooms, accommodating solo travellers, families, and groups of friends alike. The expansion includes 7 single tents, 5 two-bedroom tents, and 3 three-bedroom tents, all featuring luxurious design and comfort.

This expansion reflects Shurooq’s vision to offer diverse and distinctive tourist experiences that seamlessly integrate nature, culture and history. The architectural design of the project harmonises with the desert surroundings, elevating the luxury and sophistication of the five-star Al Badayer Retreat, while reflecting Arab and Emirati identity with modern and elegant touches.