Pearl of the Mediterranean

La Perle by Dragone in Al Habtoor City Dubai

When you come across a descriptor like ‘the future of live entertainment has arrived in Dubai’, you will most likely take it with a pinch of salt. For many have come and gone, proclaiming to be the next big thing and then vanishing into obscurity. But this piece is not about wallowing in what could have been, rather to shine a light on what is.

La Perle is, most likely to live up to its hype of ushering the next big thing in entertainment and therefore take a permanent place in Dubai’s hall of fame. A hall that takes some doing to feature in, for you have the world’s biggest mall, tallest tower, astonishing islands and so on featured on its glorious walls.

It is not for nothing that whoever has been through the entrance doors of La Perle has come out touched. Touched by a strong sense of amazement, something they may not have felt in a long, long time. And there you have thrown open the gateway for entertaining large groups, be it individual tourists or Mice guests, with a unique and rewarding experience like no other in Dubai. Thousands will walk through those doors because they have heard great things about the show, because they want to be part of the stunning act. La Perle is here to stay, thrive and possibly open a new segment in travel attractions which is largely untapped in the Middle East: permanent live entertainment.

La Perle will take place twice a night, five days a week. Tuesday to Friday at 7pm and 9pm, and Saturday at 4pm and 7pm. The show is a 90-minute extravaganza with acrobats, divers, motorbikes and giant puppets. The plot can be a bit blurry at times but the show will be exciting nevertheless, packed with jaw-dropping stunts that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Tickets start at Dh400 ($110) for bronze, Dh600 ($165) for silver, Dh800 ($220) for gold and Dh1,600 ($435) for VIP tickets.

La Perle is the GCC region’s first permanent show, combining world-class talent with the most technically-advanced theatre production that debuted on August 31 and has since struggled to meet demand of fans, they could have done with more seats perhaps. Produced by cultural creative company, Dragone and brought to Dubai by Al Habtoor Group, La Perle is a unique show that is inspired by and created for Dubai, with an incredible cast of 65 international artists performing live at Al Habtoor City.

Envisioned by the creative mind that reinvented modern performing arts, Franco Dragone, La Perle expresses a uniquely spellbinding showmanship, a craft perfected through his production of such enduring hits as Le Rêve (Las Vegas) and The House of Dancing Water (Macau).

Fans who have seen the show will come back for more, and truly believe La Perle is one of Dubai’s best kept secrets. Set in an intimate, state-of-the-art 1,300-seat La Perle theatre is the only premium venue of its calibre and is comprised of custom-designed, innovative equipment and unique facilities including a dedicated VIP area.

Luxury car retailer Bentley Emirates, have already sealed an exclusive sponsorship of the premium entertainment experience. As part of the exclusive sponsorship, Bentley Emirates will become the official car partner of La Perle. This opens the possibility of guests enjoying an exhilarating journey to the show and not just at the show.

Travel planners will now start building itineraries around the show, keeping it at the start of the Dubai experience for a booming first impression or in the middle to anchor an unforgettable experience or in the end of a tour to ensure that it ends on a brilliant high. We will need more attractions like La Perle in the Middle East, attractions that are for everyone to enjoy for you need no formal introduction to admire the spectacle when human ideas meet super human expressions.

Will we see more cities in the Middle East bringing their own versions of La Perle in the future? Will Abu Dhabi be the next destination for a permanent artistic, acrobatic and innovative entertainment venture? The demand is there, people are loving it and enjoying it in thousands, and you dear reader, an influencer in the travel industry, can make it happen.