Destination Zanzibar


Destination Zanzibar is also fast tracking to become East Africa’s luxury holiday spot, with its world-class travels featuring Africa’s best safari, wildlife conservations, national parks, fascinating culture, beach experiences and historical sites. Unique in its touristic attractions is a combined beach and safari expedition.

“A recent survey indicates major growth within luxury tourism; this is now dominating our destination as visitors’ demand for innovative experiences continue. Changing trends will require more bespoke services and as a number of properties and operators shift towards specialised luxury tours exclusivity of unique excursions will be paramount,” said Geofrey Meena, marketing manager, Tanzania Tourism Board.

“Tourism in Zanzibar has undergone a major change in the last twelve months as travellers’ needs for unique holidays moved beyond opulence of five-star resorts. The sector is adapting and expanding to meet requirements for unique yet authentic luxury experiences. Operators are pressured to curate itineraries to deliver individual expectations and this new wave has given rise to personalized excursions that imprint lasting and unforgettable impression,” said Hafsa Mbamba, managing director, Destination Zanzibar.

In addition to its natural and historic charm, recent upgrade of the airport in Zanzibar with a new terminal and extended runway as well as superb new leisure attractions such as a planned 18-hole Ernie Els golf course are all contributing to the boom in tourism.