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Summer getaways in Taiwan
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Summertime brings in all the excitement to travel. This year, travel is back, and it looks encouraging, but the summer travel season is still different as it adapts to new travel trends. 
As Taiwan still awaits to welcome travellers from the Middle East, this article gives a glimpse of a summer getaway to Taiwan that offers people different activities to soak up the sun. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your favourite pair of shades, and get ready for summertime!
Seas the day – Snorkel, Swim and Surf at the beaches 
As an island with tropical parts, Taiwan is naturally home to some of the most beautiful beaches in East Asia. And because of the unique composition of the island, the country has so many types of beaches. From Baishawan to Penghu Island, here are the most breathtaking beaches in Taiwan. At Kenting National Park, you will find all kinds of activities to suit the outdoors-loving soul in you. Rent a jet ski, kayaking, explore Kenting’s outlying roads on a scooter, or scuba dive. Kenting’s coast has one of the world’s most diverse range of corals, creating a beautiful underwater world.
Head for the hills – hike up the mountains
The cities may be slightly warmer, it is always bound to be a bit cooler up in the mountains. In the summer you will want to get as high above sea level as possible. Taiwan offers abundance of mountains and nature. You can explore Jade Mountain or you can always hop on a bus from Taipei into Yamingshan.
Shoot for the sky – hot air balloon
Riding in a hot air balloon is intrinsically one of the must things to do, and in Taiwan, summer is the season to do it. The annual  Taitung Balloon Festival  happens from June until August and brings ballooning enthusiasts from around the world to the fields of Luye (one of the most beautiful parts of the island) to fly high above the rift valley. It’s definitely a lifetime experience. 
Go for a dip in the Su’ao cold springs
Taiwan’s hot springs are mostly popular, but when the mercury rises folks on the east coast head to the town of Su’ao, a quaint town in Yilan that happens to be home to one of the globe’s extremely rare natural cold springs. In addition to just being refreshing, the bubbly waters of Su’ao are said to have tons of beneficial properties for skin and body.
Enjoy fresh summer fruits  
Summer is when the juiciest and refreshing fruits are at their ripest. It is the season for mango, pineapple, watermelon, lychee, and longan, just to name a few. All these fruits are sugary-sweet and have a high-water content, so they are perfect during summer. If you are not keen on just the fruit itself, Taiwan’s night markets and shops have a whole host of ways to serve them. Try out icy smoothies of papaya milk or banana milk. For the ultimate fruity cool down, try a mango shaved ice. This dessert comes with soft, fluffy flakes of mango ice and a generous dollop of mango, topped with a scoop of mango ice-cream. You have to make sure to try these local delicacies to complete your summer experience in Taiwan!
Taiwan, known for handling the Covid virus efficiently is applauded for its efforts in creating awareness among travellers about the destination so travel can commence once the borders are opened and people adapt to the new normal way of life. Taiwan has proved to be a frontrunner in managing this virus, as the situation is still under control following all protocols. Hopefully, Taiwan will soon welcome tourists to the beautiful country in North-East Asia. -TradeArabia News Service

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