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Aqua Pod unveils 2 ground-breaking firsts
September 2021 535
Aqua Pod, the world’s first sustainable multi-purpose floating mobile development, designed by Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS), and developed by Innovative Marine Ventures (IMV), has unveiled two global world-first concepts. 
They are the Aqua Pod AP EX1 model, the first-ever fully sustained mobile floating lounge designed to serve the Hospitality and Entertainment industry, and the first-ever Consumer Marine E-commerce application created digitally to integrate the Aqua Pods at sea along with the abundant marine experiences and services of Dubai, and consolidate them in one holistic online marketplace. 
AP EX1 introduces an unprecedented offering to the global Hospitality and Entertainment market; a fully self-sustained, expandable, and multifunctional floating lounge, which will be cruising the pristine water of the Dubai Water Canal.  
While the newly released “Aqua Pod” application, offers an all-new smart seafaring environment; it is designed to digitally integrate the Aqua Pods, and digitise an all new consumer marine offering, by providing its users with access to a world of  marine retailers, aquatic sports and services, and leisure and entertainment, amplifying their excursions and enabling real-time bookings and orders to tailor-made experiences.
Aqua Pod’s AP EX1, the latest innovative design by the Emirati homegrown business, comes in line with UAE Vision 2021, and contributes to several initiatives and strategies set by the leadership. As the country focuses on improving the quality of air, preserving water resources, increasing the contribution of clean energy, and implementing green growth plans, AP EX1’s versatile design presents a holistic approach to sustainability and commercial marine integration. 
Fully solar powered reducing greenhouse emissions, AP EX1’s technical ingenuity, secures fresh water for use on the pod itself through its built-in Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit, a water purification system that desalinates up to 100 liters (L) of sea water daily, without disposing the brine back into the sea.
Ahmed Youssef, Co-founder and CEO of AADS and IMV, and the creator of Aqua Pod said: “It is our belief that urban floating developments if intelligently revolutionised, will accelerate and transform the marine industry into a key pillar of economic diversification; AP EX1 model is a customer-centric culmination of the relentless efforts of our thriving young team, R&D and market knowledge.”
“Guided by the ethos of innovation and sustainability, and fueled by passion for aquatic architectural designs, we are taking it upon ourselves to spark and lead serious conversations on the importance of adopting urban floating developments - as a new sustainable habitable floating estate, to extend the frontiers of coastal cities, and create a safe haven in the face of the ever-rising risks of sea levels and climate change. Our approach to innovative urban marine developments and services is customer-centric and aims to unleash the potential of the marine realm, accelerate its evolution, and contribute to supporting a progressive, resilient and growth-oriented economy in the UAE,” he continued.
Intricately designed to amplify its visitors’ experience, guests can indulge in an unparalleled sophisticated journey aboard AP EX1. It combines the indoors and outdoors proposition, with an everchanging magnificent backdrop of Dubai’s landmarks across the canal, in a unique setting of a floating mobile private lounge for a handful of guests. 
Seagoers and selected offshore locations along the canal, can also benefit from float through and deliveries. The Aqua Pod AP EX1 is a mobile marine lounge, boasting 45 square metres (sqm), and expandable by approximately 25%. 
All AADS creations, Aqua Pods and larger scale models, are adaptable and unique, and are embedded with smart construction adaptations, to serve as multi-use, multi-spatial, multi-functional and multi-environment assets. 
Ahmad Ataya, Co-founder of AADS and IMV, said: “We take great pride in releasing AP EX1, as it translates our ambitious plans to reinforce our position as the leading entity for revolutionary marine solutions and services in the UAE and region into reality. Conceived to enable Smart Seafaring in Dubai, the “Aqua Pod” mobile application is the world’s first e-commerce marine consumer platform, and comes in line with the country’s digital transformation efforts and Smart Cities Strategies. 
“It complements our efforts to digitally enable our Aqua Pods as well as establishing a holistic online marketplace of marine retail, leisure, entertainment, sports, and services. And facilitates the personalisation of the customer’s marine activities and needs.”
“This is the steppingstone in the introduction of an all-new economic proposition, that ushers the integration of the commercial offshore retail offering, with the onshore – starting with deliveries from our Aqua Pods at water, to consumers on water and on the shoreline,” Ataya concluded. 
The Aqua Pods are an innovative multidisciplinary adaptive mobile floating developments, with the ability to serve various industries, critical businesses, and lifestyle marine needs such as: healthcare through floating marine ambulatory services, energy through fueling and recharge stations for marine vehicles, and larger scale smart urban mobile developments adapted for agriculture, logistics, hospitality and leisure industries amongst others. 
Users can carry out orders and bookings through the app, in addition to locating Aqua Pods for float through and deliveries within the vicinity spanning Bulgari Hotel lagoon, Dubai Water Canal to Dubai Design District, and to certain locations at sea and shorelines verticals at the canal. All financial transactions can be completed through the app, ensuring contactless payment in addition to a split bill feature.
Innovative Marine Ventures (IMV) is a subsidiary of Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS), and is the development, facility management and marine operations arm for the Aqua Pods, and diverse on-shore and off-shore marine projects.-- TradeArabia News Service  

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