Mauritius eases Covid-19 restrictions

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has partnered with UAE-based dnata Travel

Mauritius has announced a further easing of Covid restrictions in response to its successful vaccination campaign and resultant low infection rate.

From July 1, the requirement for facemasks has been relaxed but it will be mandatory to wear facemasks in public areas such as hospitals, port, airport and public transport. Upon arrival tests for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers have been waived.

Mauritius reopened its borders on October 1, 2021, and over 500,000 tourists have subsequently flocked to the paradise island. The nation’s double vaccination rate now stands at over 90 percent, and around two thirds of all over 18 have also received their booster shots.

”With demand for travel at a high, Mauritius has quickly entered dnata Travel’s top five most booked international holiday destinations for GCC travellers”
– Emily Jenkins



Mauritius is seeing huge demand from discerning international travellers who are choosing the sun-kissed jewel of the Indian Ocean for its stunning scenery, safety and security.

Arvind Bundhun, Director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, said: “We are extremely pleased to note that we have reached a milestone of over half a million visitors since October 1. I am confident that our post-pandemic recovery is well underway, and with the easing of sanitary measures bookings for the second half of 2022 will be stimulated.”



Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) has revealed its long-term plans and commitment to forge stronger trade partnerships in the GCC countries.

GCC countries have historical and cultural ties with the island nation and the region is one of the emerging and promising markets for Mauritius. Mauritius tourism authority reaffirms their commitment to offer unique travel experiences to the holiday makers in the region.

“Explore the Unexplored Mauritius” is a key theme of the year which showcases the cultural and culinary diversity, heritage and eco-tourism options as well as the vastly untapped outdoor adventures on offer.

Recently the officials had organised an interactive workshop for the regional trade professionals in Abu Dhabi. Over 150 dignitaries, officials and decision makers from the tourism and hospitality sector joined this gala event and met officials for high level discussions.



Authorities expect tourist numbers to increase substantially over the coming weeks for travellers from the GCC in particular, as travel restrictions are further eased, and its tailor-made holidays with its partners at dnata Travel continue to grow in popularity.

Emily Jenkins, General Manager of dnata Travel Leisure, added: “With demand for travel at a high, Mauritius has quickly entered dnata Travel’s top five most booked international holiday destinations for GCC travellers. We predict this trend will only continue, as travel restrictions ease, while travellers continue to choose Mauritius and make the most of our unmissable travel offers with Mauritius Tourism.”

More than 160,000 tourists visited Mauritius in the first quarter of 2022, including thousands of GCC travellers.