Juffali Launches Rental Business: Elevating Saudi Transportation and Tourism


Embarking on a journey of luxury and innovation, Juffali Commercial Vehicles has taken a significant stride in redefining Saudi Arabia’s transportation landscape. Renowned for its cutting-edge approach to automotive excellence, particularly through its Special Vehicles division, JSV, the company has unveiled an exciting venture – launching a dedicated luxury vehicle rental division.

This strategic move not only addresses the burgeoning demand for upscale vehicle rentals but also aligns with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s vision to elevate and develop its thriving tourism sector.

Juffali Commercial Vehicles, a pioneer in automotive excellence, especially through its Special Vehicles division, JSV, is recognized for its sophisticated and innovative approach to transportation. JSV prioritizes cutting-edge design, presenting a diverse fleet encompassing vehicles from vans to buses, seamlessly combining commercial utility with entertainment features.

Recently, the company announced the launch of a new division dedicated to luxury vehicles as part of its business expansion strategy. This strategic initiative aims to meet the demands of the upscale vehicle rental market and address the current gap in this sector.

“Through the launch of the rental division, our objective is to establish a dynamic and sustainable presence, ensuring continuous accessibility to our clients. We are particularly focused on providing support to the tourism and hospitality sectors, aligning with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enhance and develop the tourism industry,” says Heiko Schulze – CEO of Juffali Commercial Vehicles.

“We have launched a new van rental service as part of our efforts to expand our market share in Saudi Arabia. With the shift in consumer behaviour from buying to renting fleets, operators and tourism companies require more investment to meet the demand. In light of this, we have expanded our vision to become the leading provider of VIP vehicles for operators and tourism companies through our rental business,” says Mohammed Fahmi – Head of Vans & Special Vehicles.

JSV recognizes a significant opportunity in the growing tourism sector of Saudi Arabia. Over the past five years, the tourism industry has experienced substantial growth. This presents a prime opportunity for JSV to participate in and capitalize on the expanding tourism landscape actively.

As Saudi Arabia becomes a popular destination for global travelers, JSV aims to meet the rising demand for reliable and luxurious transportation services. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, JSV’s diverse fleet is poised to cater to the evolving needs of tourists exploring the wonders of Saudi Arabia. JSV’s dedication to providing top-tier vehicles positions the company as a key player in facilitating the travel experiences of both leisure and business visitors. This strategic positioning underscores JSV’s role not only as a service provider but also as a contributor to Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a global tourism hub.

JSV offers a complete luxury experience, going beyond providing vehicles. The company envisions customers effortlessly navigating through traffic in vehicles adorned with luxurious seats, accompanied by skilled drivers. This level of service enhances convenience and transforms the entire transportation experience, allowing customers to focus on enjoying the journey.

As Saudi Arabia welcomes a growing number of global travelers, Juffali Commercial Vehicles, with its JSV division, stands at the forefront of providing unparalleled transportation experiences. The strategic launch of the luxury vehicle division underscores a commitment to excellence, innovation, and aligning with Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious tourism goals. Positioned as more than just a service provider, JSV emerges as a key contributor to Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a global tourism hub, offering not just vehicles, but a gateway to luxurious and seamless travel experiences. The road ahead promises not just transportation but a journey through excellence, comfort, and the evolving wonders of Saudi Arabia.