Top three summer getaways of Saudi Arabia

Al Hada Mountain in Taif<br>Image courtesy:

Al Ahsa, Aseer & Taif are the top three summer getaways of Saudi Arabia, offering an oasis, a mountain range and a valley of roses alongside amicable weather and a myriad of activities, says Rehlat, a leading OTA platform for travel bookings.

Al Ahsa - An Oasis
A destination that redefines beauty and is jam packed with wonderful sights & adventures. Al Ahsa is a wonder in itself, renowned for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Guinness World Record Holder as the largest self-contained oasis in the world. The area is beseeched in history which can be witnessed at the Jawatha Mosque, one of the earliest mosques in eastern Arabia dating back 1400 years, and Qasr Ibrahim - an Ottoman Empire castle that is a mix of Islamic and military architecture.

Adventure junkies can drive a 4x4 to Yellow Lake or hike the Al Qarah mountain. The Yellow Lake has a fond place in every birder or twitcher's heart for its beautiful bird life including eagles, warblers and plovers. The Al Qarah mountain gives insights into the life before civilization through its canyons and caves. Last but definitely not least is another World Heritage Site - Souq Al Qaisariya, a 600 year old souq that still hosts the best spices, prayer beads, incense and luxury goods.

Aseer - A Mountain Range
Home to Saudi's highest peak, Jabal Sawda which stands over 3000 meters tall, Aseer is the Kingdom's best kept secret. The weather here is amicable throughout the year and especially during the summers, because the temperature is 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the country making it a hot favourite summer destination.

Aseer has many interesting peaks that you would want to conquer, including the mighty Jabal Sawda, Jabal Thera, Tanomah and many more. Even the villages here have an interesting twist. Take Rijal Almaa - the gingerbread village or Al Muftaha village that is dotted with murals, painted homes, and mosque calligraphy. The many souqs of Aseer will ensure you take home plenty of souvenirs and memories. While in Aseer also don't miss out on the Flower Men and their ancient tradition of weaving decorative headgear with herbs, flowers and leaves.

Taif - A valley of roses
Taif, also known as the city of roses, is unofficially the summer capital of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its pleasant climate, fragrant roses and sweeping valleys, the abundant fruits, Taif is an ideal summer holiday destination. Trek up the Al Hada mountains and zip-line across the Sarawat Mountain range. Visit the Saiysad National Park and indulge in the greenery and wild streams. Check out the fruit orchards and eat pomegranates, grapes, and figs to your heart's content. And of course, don't miss out on visiting the rose gardens and buying the aromatic rose oil right from the source!

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