All-female adventure travel firm introduces new tours


Adventures in Good Company (AGC), a leading provider of all-female adventure travel, has unveiled an exciting line-up of new trips that will inspire women seeking transformative travel experiences. 
With an array of destinations and themes, these new adventures offer unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, exploration, and wellness.
AGC defines wellness through three core dimensions:
* Physical Wellness: All AGC trips incorporate daily physical exercise, providing women with opportunities to engage in activities such as hiking, yoga, cycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, and walking. 
* Social and Emotional Wellness: AGC recognises the interconnectedness of social and emotional wellness and carefully crafts itineraries centered on improving mental well-being. Their wellness trips focus on fostering social connections through intentional and authentic community building while also nurturing emotional wellness through self-care practices, resilience building, and mindfulness exercises.
* Environmental Wellness: AGC's wellness trips intentionally foster a deep connection to nature. By venturing off the beaten path and immersing participants in awe-inspiring natural locations, these trips enable women to develop a profound appreciation for the environment. 
Each wellness trip offered by AGC emphasises a particular dimension of wellness while encompassing all three components. 
What sets AGC's wellness trips apart from their regular adventures is their  attention to detail in key areas:
* Lodging: AGC ensures that the accommodations on wellness trips are unique and representative of the surrounding area, whether it's a cozy cabin nestled in the forest at Lake Tahoe, an oceanfront eco-lodge in the Panamanian jungle, or a historic inn amidst the Redwoods, the lodging choices immerse participants in the essence of the destination. 
* Food: AGC's wellness trips feature refined dining experiences with a focus on local, healthy, and often plant-forward menus. Fresh fruits and vegetables, farm-to-table or jungle-to-table cuisine, and wholesome beverages are thoughtfully incorporated to nourish participants during their journeys.
* Guides: AGC's wellness trips are led by knowledgeable guides who possess expertise in the specific wellness focus of the trip: from yoga, meditation, writing, forest bathing, and more. 
* Rest and Peace: While AGC's regular trips may be characterised by fast-paced itineraries or intense physical activities, wellness trips take a different approach. On these specialty trips, AGC intentionally slows down the pace, allowing participants to stay at the same lodging throughout the trip and incorporating more downtime and rest. This ensures that travelers return from their journey feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, without the need for a vacation after their vacation.
AGC strongly believes that wellness is accessible to everyone and aims to help women build lifelong habits that will help them thrive beyond their retreat experience. Their wellness trips offer inclusive experiences that cater to various fitness levels and interests, ensuring that participants can embark on a transformative journey tailored to their needs, the company says.
The following wellness retreats are on offer for women of all ages:
Lake Tahoe Wellness on the Water - New, Starting in 2023: Embark on a journey of rejuvenation amidst the stunning natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. “Lake Tahoe Wellness on the Water” is a retreat designed to nourish mind, body, and soul. Participants will immerse themselves in vibrant aqua hues, partake in guided daily yoga and meditation sessions, engage in stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming in crystal-clear waters, and explore charming towns and hidden castles by the lakeside. This transformative experience promises a perfect blend of outdoor activities, wellness practices, and the flavors of California cuisine.
Paradise in Panama Wellness Retreat - New, Starting in 2024: Discover the tropical paradise of Panama in an immersive wellness retreat. Participants will delve into the lush rainforests, unwind on pristine beaches, and engage in daily yoga and meditation practices surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. From exploring vibrant markets and indulging in local cuisine to discovering the rich cultural heritage of Panama, this retreat offers a harmonious blend of relaxation, adventure, and rejuvenation.
Wonder and Wellness in the Redwoods - New, Starting in 2024: Immerse yourself in the ancient majesty of the Redwood forests with “Wonder and Wellness in the Redwoods.” This awe-inspiring retreat invites participants to connect with nature on a profound level while engaging in mindful practices amidst towering trees. From tranquil hikes and meditation sessions in serene forest groves to exploring hidden trails and learning about the ecosystems of the Redwoods, this trip offers an extraordinary opportunity for self-discovery, renewal, and connection with the natural world.
As part of AGC's commitment to fostering transformative travel experiences, the Wonder and Wellness in the Redwoods trip serves as the capstone project of Program Manager Melanie Leggett. Melanie participated in the Transformational Travel Design Program with the Transformational Travel Council, and this trip exemplifies the principles and values of wellness and personal transformation.
In addition to these new wellness-focused adventures, AGC introduces a range of other exciting trips:
Writing and Renewal in Maine's North Woods - New Starting in 2023: Unleash your creativity and connect with the wilderness of Maine's North Woods. This unique retreat combines writing workshops with immersive outdoor experiences, allowing participants to find inspiration in nature and nurture their writing skills.
Hiking and Sketching in the Colorado Rockies: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Colorado Rockies and channel your artistic talents through sketching. This trip offers the perfect balance between outdoor exploration, artistic expression, and personal growth.
Naturally Newport - New Starting in 2023: Discover the pristine beauty of Newport, Rhode Island, on this captivating journey. From scenic coastal hikes to exploring historic landmarks and indulging in local delicacies, this trip showcases the charm and natural wonders of Newport.
Adventures Down Under - Tasmania and Southern Australia - New Starting in 2024: Embark on an unforgettable adventure exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania and Southern Australia. From captivating wildlife encounters to awe-inspiring natural wonders, this trip offers a truly immersive experience in the land Down Under.
Switzerland Trekking on the Via Alpina - New Itinerary Starting in 2023: Experience the unparalleled beauty of the Swiss Alps on an exhilarating trek along the Via Alpina. This new itinerary showcases the stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, and alpine charm that Switzerland is renowned for.
"We are thrilled to announce these new and unique adventures that allow women to embrace transformative travel experiences," said Kelly Kimple, CEO at AGC. "Whether it's immersing in wellness practices in Lake Tahoe, sketching amidst the Colorado Rockies, or exploring the wonders of Tasmania, these trips offer unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, connection with nature, and lifelong memories." - TradeArabia News Service