Dusit Thani Bangkok to redefine Thai brand

Dusit Thani Bangkok will reopen in September after a total refresh

With a portfolio of around 60 hotels worldwide and a similar number in development, the renaissance of Dusit Thani Bangkok marks a pivotal moment for the brand, said Nichlas Maratos, Vice-President, Commercial, Dusit Hotels & Resorts, in an interview with TTN.

“Reopening Dusit Thani Bangkok symbolises a significant milestone in our journey,” he noted. “It represents not only the culmination of 75 years of hospitality excellence but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to redefining luxury hospitality in Thailand and beyond.”

Amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dusit International took the opportunity to reimagine its identity and offerings, focusing on core values such as wellness, sustainability, and renowned Thai hospitality. This strategic shift has resulted in innovative initiatives designed to enhance guest experiences across its properties.

“Our aim is to position Dusit as a global leader in wellness-focused and sustainable hospitality, offering guests a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond mere accommodation,” Maratos explained.

Reflecting on the diverse portfolio of brands under the Dusit umbrella, Maratos elaborated on each brand’s unique identity and market positioning. From the opulent luxury of Devarana to the contemporary allure of D2, each brand caters to distinct traveler segments while upholding Dusit’s core values.

He also mentioned plans to double the group’s inventory within three to four years and explore new opportunities, emphasising the post-Covid relevance of wellness and sustainability in Thai hospitality.

Looking ahead, Dusit International has ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond, with new openings scheduled across various countries, including India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, the Maldives, Nepal, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Guam, Vietnam, and more. These expansions demonstrate the company’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and serving a global audience, Maratos said.

In the Middle East, Dusit International is poised for further growth with a presence in key countries like the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Egypt. “Expanding our presence in Saudi Arabia is a top priority,” Maratos said, noting upcoming properties in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Additionally, the group is exploring new opportunities in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and North Africa, with countries like Morocco and Tunisia presenting exciting prospects for expansion. “The Middle East remains one of our key priority areas for expansion and growth,” he emphasised.

Regarding the industry’s recovery, Maratos noted a resurgence in business activity, signaling a return to pre-pandemic levels. “While the absence of Chinese travellers has impacted certain markets, we are encouraged by the resurgence of travel in other regions,” he said. “Thailand, in particular, has seen a robust recovery, indicating a promising outlook for the industry as a whole.”

On the use of latest technology, Maratos said the integration of technology at Dusit is aimed at enhancing the service experience, not replacing human interaction, which is at the heart of Thai hospitality. By leveraging technology to optimise guest data and deliver personalised experiences, the staff can focus more on meaningful interactions with guests, enriching their overall stay, he said.



Prateek Kumar, Senior Vice-President – Operations, Dusit International, highlighted the brand’s commitment to hospitality excellence through the “four graciousness pillars”: well-being, community engagement, bespoke service, and sustainability. These pillars ensure that every guest interaction embodies the essence of Asian hospitality. Despite ambitious growth plans, Dusit International remains dedicated to maintaining a personalised touch across its properties.

“Our goal is not to become a sprawling conglomerate with thousands of properties, but rather to focus on quality over quantity,” Kumar explained.



The reopening of Dusit Thani Bangkok, adjacent to the picturesque Lumpini Park, epitomises the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with modern luxury. The hotel’s design seamlessly integrates Thai heritage elements with contemporary aesthetics, offering guests a unique and immersive experience.

Each of the 257 guestrooms boasts panoramic views of the park—a rare feature in bustling Bangkok, said Adrian Rudin, Managing Director, Dusit Thani Bangkok and Dusit Residences.

Overseeing the redevelopment, Rudin highlighted the meticulous attention to detail in preserving the property’s legacy while introducing modern amenities. “From its lush rooftop garden to its meticulously curated interiors, Dusit Thani Bangkok sets a new standard for luxury hospitality in the heart of the city,” he stated.